How do I measure for gowns?

Measure each child's height (with shoes on) from the top of their head to the floor. The gowns come in 7 sizes (Under 3’4”, 3’5”–3’8”, 3’9”– 4’0”, 4’1”– 4’4”, 4’5”–4’8”, 4’9”–5’0”, Over 5’1”) and should be rounded up from the child’s height to the next size. Download and print this gown measurement worksheet to assist with the ordering process.

Do the caps come with tassels?

All of our Grad Packages conveniently include both a cap and tassel. Á la carte caps do not include a tassel, but one can be purchased separately.

How do I wear my cap?

The graduation cap is to be worn flat on your head.

How do I care for my gown?

Upon receipt of your graduation gown, promptly remove it from the packaging and hang it up. To remove wrinkles, you may choose to press with a cool iron, or hang gown in a steamy room. Safety stitching at all stress points and a hidden zipper mean no raw edges inside or out.

Why do I see options for two colors on the order form?

The printable order form allows the school to select two gown colors if they choose to have boys and girls wear different colors. If all graduates are wearing the same color, disregard the option for the second color.

How quickly will I receive my order?

Orders will be received within 10 business days from order. If you need orders expedited, we offer an express delivery for an additional charge, provided all products are available.

I have placed an order as a school. How can parents order?

Parents can order online or fill out the form and send payment back to the school so the school can place a large order.

How do I use the Free Parent Marketing Material?

If your budget is tight this year, ask parents to pitch in. Jostens Kinderkraft® will provide you with free items to send home to parents explaining how to order. Free items include parent order forms, parent reminder flyers and stickers. With our easy online ordering, parents will enjoy the convenience of shopping for grad items that will mark an important day for their child.

How do I order?

Order online at or call 855-826-2355.

What if I am a school that is tax exempt?

If you are tax exempt, please call a sales consultant at 1-855-826-2355 prior to placing an order.